Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Injury woes

Bit of a setback with a knee injury over the last 7-10 days has meant zero training rides/walks :-( Not brilliant timing when you consider it is now little more than 1 month until the 3 peaks challenge commences.

I've struggled with patellar bursitis for quite a while. It has been a transient problem and hardly bothers me save for trying to kneel down.  This time, for some unknown reason, it flared up badly, became very red and painful, with pain spreading down my tibia and infection leading to enlarged lymph nodes in my groin which were equally uncomfortable. 'Like having a 3rd bollock' was Cath's rather erudite observation!  Blood tests and some high strength antibiotics (on last day of course today) ensued and at last it is now on the mend with the swelling and discomfort on the wain.  I'm not sure the antibiotics actually helped to do anything other than give me a pounding headache. Normally you expect infection to clear up fairly quickly during a course of them but this time it is only on the last day of them that I'm seeing an improvement. Odd.

Anyway, I'm glad that this appears to be no more than a temporary setback. I was slightly worried that it might lead to postponement of the challenge but I'm not contemplating that now.  Will rest it for this week and get back on the bike/in to the hills again next week for some gentle recovery stuff to get back in to the groove.


  1. glad to hear you are on the mend. hopefully just a minor setback
    take care


  2. You should have your knee checked by a specialist before it gets worse.