Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Near Abney gliding club

A welcome break from the rain as well!

Monday, 29 March 2010

One month to go ...

And 3 more weeks with (I hope) mileages in the 200+ region before I take it easy in the week before I set off.

The return of poor weather is a bit of a setback but it'll just have to be a case of 'get out there and get on with it!' Managed to squeeze in 15 miles (on the fixed gear bike) today in the pouring rain and enjoyed every minute of it. Its only water! I've got 3 long rides planned this week each of over 70 miles and then its Easter weekend with a couple more days off at the beginning of next week. Every opportunity to get out and get the miles in. Yay!

Other preparation is ongoing. Have started booking B&B's and purchased some new cycling shorts, jerseys and mitts. Question I'm now asking myself is "Which bike?" My Vernon Barker Audax bike or Specialised Tricross Sport? For a brief insane moment today I considered doing it on the fixed gear bike and then I came to my senses!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Off-road exploring

I usually like to stick to the roads. Not literally of course, although recent close encounters with the tarmac may suggest otherwise! As a result my mountain bike, lovely as it is, spends much of its time sulking in the garage. Giving me the evils as I wheel a more skinny wheeled, dropped handlebarred beast past it. Snubbed like a bacon sandwich in an Israeli cafe! However, as everyone knows, bacon sarnies are irresistable and petty idealogies such as Judaism or Vegetarianism are unlikely to thwart the primal urge to get stuck in to one every now and then. Such is the case with trails, bridleways, canal paths and my oft ignored Kona.

This afternoon was one of those times. My cold now just about overpowered I sought to take advantage of the much improved weather and get a few miles in. 'Where to?' I thought? 'Don't fancy Friday afternoon traffic and haven't got lots of time to spare.' Quick look over the map and I thought 'Why have I never ridden on those bridleways or that trail?' So, decision made. Mostly off road towards Cresswell and then Robin Hood Way through Welbeck and parts of Clumber Park that I've never got round to exploring. Almost all new to me and 25 miles of fun.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Ride when you can ...

Been really busy with work so far this week and its been difficult trying to get the miles in. However, I took some time off today, ignored the filthy weather and ventured out for an easy going 60 miles. Found a few hills for good measure and enjoyed it despite:
1. the rain wind and cold
2. forgetting to take snacks or money for food (need to eat little and often)
3. tw*ts who pass too close when they overtake. Why do they tend to be driving BMW's?


Is, sadly, such a rarity

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Training going well

155 miles this week including 80 miles in one day (yesterday) which went well. A bit tired afterwards but happy that I could have got on the bike and done another decent ride today. Kids football took over my Sunday as usual though so having a rest day.

The 80 miler was a fairly flat route with no serious hills to speak of but the weather on the way out was pretty terrible. Freezing rain and a slight headwind. My fingers and toes were numb and I've made a mental note to take a spare pair of gloves with me on the big ride. Once gloves are wet you just can't keep your hands warm! Had a couple of fairly well filled panniers too so happy that I can do bigger mileages with considerably more weight than I'll be carrying on the end-to-end.

Fell foul of the p******re fairy on the way back yesterday. First ones for ages!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Not quite so many miles last week

Probably half of what I should have done out on the road but yesterday's 30 mile ride was very hilly and I did fit in 3 really tough spinning sessions during the week. They do seem to be helping my cardiovascular fitness no end and this was evident on some of the climbs yesterday where I was able to maintain a higher gear than usual. Losing a few pounds helps with the hills as well and although I have lost some weight I'm still a lard-arse at nearly 13.5 stones. I really need to try and shed some more of the excess in the next couple of months.

Managed to break a rear spoke twice this week! Thats 3 in a couple of months with that wheel now! Most annoying and it was clearly badly built, probably by some ham-fisted, spotty bike shop yoof who'd been given it to practice on. Time to rebuild it properly myself with new spokes. I enjoy wheel building. Very satisfying and, so far, all those that I've built have stayed true and strong.