Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Land's End to John O'Groats

It's something that thousands of cyclists (probably, I don't know, thats a guess) do every year. It's certainly an ambition that many, many cyclists aspire too and that includes me. It's been on my cycling 'to do' list for years and other, shorter, cycling tours have only whetted my appetite further. Well now I'm committing to it. On 30th April 2010 I will be setting off from Land's End to travel the length of the British mainland over 9 days. Thats over 100 miles per day which, to me at least, is undoubtedly a challenge.

The ride is also aimed at raising money for St. Luke's Hospice in Sheffield so please support them and spur me on by donating what you can by visiting our JustGiving site. Click HERE to go there.

I've worked in the field of cancer and education the whole of my professional career and currently work as a lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University where we have close links with St Luke's. I have colleagues who work for them and have had friends who have benefited from their services. It really is a great organisation to support and I'm proud to be able to do that.

Did you know?

St Luke’s annual running costs are now nearly £7 million and only about a third comes from government funding. This means the Hospice needs to raise over £4 million each year through donations, legacies and special fund raising events. Total running costs for the Hospice are £758 an hour 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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