Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Many have told me that, assuming you're a relatively match fit cyclist, no training is necessary for LEJOG. OK you'll suffer a bit on the first hilly days out of Cornwall and Devon but you'll get fit along the way. Thats a tempting school of thought (especially for a instinctively lazy scroat like me) but I reckon it's tosh. Maybe OK if you're aiming for a relatively low daily mileage - but to do 100+ miles per day for just over a week? Nah. Even though I'm a regular cyclist I'm going to have to be prepared.

So, here's the basic plan:
  • Aim for at least 150 miles per week. I can do this mainly through upping the commuting miles. I live 20 miles from work and do cycle to and from work when I can but this has dropped off this year.
  • Get in longer rides wherever possible. Perhaps ride the odd 200k Audax. Ride to and from my Dad's (about 100 mile round trip).
  • Go to the gym regularly.
  • Get a bit trimmer. I'm 13.5 stone and 5' 11". Could do with losing 20lb!!! Everyone says that the key to making the cycling more enjoyable on a LEJOG is to not carry too much weight on the bike. I guess that includes the engine too!
  • Blog the training and encourage humiliating comments if I'm not doing what I should be doing.

I'll, er, start tomorrow.

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