Thursday, 6 May 2010

Day 7: Appleby to Peebles

If I gave the impression that yesterday was tough - it was. However, I enjoyed it a lot. The weather and scenery kept my spirits up. My body was aching though and so I did have some concerns that I'd struggle today. I was wrong.

107 miles today and apart from 10 miles or so this morning I had a fantastic day. And I cycled into Scotland. Yay. I'm not there yet though.

Goodbye England. Hello Scotland
Set off in miserable weather. Low cloud and drizzle. Yuk. Decided to use the A66 for the first 8 miles which on the one hand was good - good road surface and I could trundle along at 20mph. On the other hand it was bad - very busy with lorries. Left A66 at Temple Sowerby and then had 10 miles or so of up and down including some steep, short sections. This bit, in horrible conditions, did lower my morale. On one bit the road looked like it was going downhill whereas in fact it most definitely wasn't. Strange optical illusion and it had me swearing and wondering what was going on. A little later I turned a corner to be met with another 1 in 6 sign and gave forth with every curse known to man. I think it may have upset the lady sweeping her drive!! Sorry dear.

A stop in Brampton for a drink anbd some cake and I was soon rolling into Scotland.

The borders are beautiful. One of the best regions I've cycled through so far. Plenty of hills but the gradients are gentle. Go on for a long time but you can get into a rythym and never get tired. And you get miles of descent afterwards. Had about 3 or 4 of these long ascents and dsecents on way to Peebles. The B709 was a great road and included a superb stretch which had just been re-tarmaced. The only thing disturbing the integrity of it was sheep poo.

I didn't expect to see this! A Tibetan tea room in the middle of the Borders hills!
Rolled into Peebles at about 6.00pm so made very good time today. Legs a bit sore but a massage from Cath and they feel good as new again :-) Looking forward to the ride to Blairgowrie.

On the bridge in Peebles.

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