Saturday, 1 May 2010

Gt Torrington to Cheddar

More hills. 65 miles of them followed by 20 miles of pan flat cycling on the Somerset Levels. I was glad of those last 20 miles.

Route: Torrington, South Molton, North Molton, Withypool, More Exmoor climbs, More Exmoor Climbs, Up, Down, Winsford, Elsworthy, Bishops Lydeard, More up, More down, Bridgwater, and back roads over the Levels to Cheddar.

Started out with some sunny spells but within 10 miles I'd hit the first 20% climb of the day. Not a long one but I was not really warmed up and feeling a bit jaded after a less than perfect nights sleep. Plenty more (much longer STEEP climbs) were to follow but I'd like to make it clear that at no point did I get off and walk. Can't remember swearing out loud either. I can't comment on what was going through my head though. The next task was climbing up on to Exmoor. Tough going but I thought it might be flat up there. I was wrong. More energy sapping climbs and fast descents that were often compounded by stinging rain. I seemed to be dodging the heaviest showers though. I'd convinced myself that the cartographer responsible for the maps I was carrying was either a sadistic b*st*rd or just couldn't be bothered to add chevron symbols.

Climbing up on to Exmoor

Pub stuck in middle of Exmoor
Dropped down off Exmoor in Bishops Lydeard and realised I'd not had anything to eat yet. Legs were becoming jellified and I needed to raid the snacks in the bag. A whole Malt Loaf lasted about 3 minutes! And boy did I need it. Looking at the map and the road ahead I thought I must have taken a wrong turn. A HUGE hill lie ahead. Surely the road wouldn't go over the top of it. It did! Ouch.

After that it was downhill to Bridgwater and a flat 20 miles to Cheddar. Quick stop at a cider farm on the way to pick up a carry out for the evening.

Todays stats:
Distance: 86.4 miles
Av.speed: 12.3 mph
Max speed: 50.2 mph (a record for me and, to be honest, a bit frightening)
Total ascent: 7947 ft
Rain: showers most of the day
Calories burnt: over 6000 apparently. I'd better eat a lot this evening.
Dead badgers seen: 2 :-(

Internet speed is slow again so pics will have to wait I'm afraid. I will catch up.

Climbing up Cheddar Gorge first thing tomorrow. Gulp.

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  1. My friend got pulled by the police for going at 50mph on his recumbent down Ecclesall Rd. They just told him to stop showing off I think :)