Monday, 22 April 2013

Training update

The 3 peaks challenge starts on 22nd June. That's just 2 months away and I'm not quite where I want to be in terms of fitness. Not far off but the next 7 weeks are going to have to be hard work to get me to a point where I'll feel comfortable embarking on it and not unduly worry about injury.

The cycling miles are definitely building up. Over 200 last week and am looking to maintain at least that sort of average.  They certainly add up with my lengthy commute but I need to add in a few long days in the saddle and begin to combine rides out in to the Peak District with some hillwalking. Scope to achieve that now that the weather is improving. In fact I really need to include much more hillwalking in the next few weeks. I haven't done enough. In addition to some planned trips in to The Peak District, the Yorkshire 3 peaks is on the cards as is a short jaunt to The Lakes and a recce of Scafell Pike. Both should help.

It's just difficult to fit it in with a busy work schedule!


  1. Feeling just the same! The weather improving will really help, as I found out tonight being able to pop out for a quick walk after 7:30 and it's still light

  2. Keep going Rob! You put the rest of us to shame!

  3. Spot on Bruce. Am looking to perhaps cycle out to, say, Edale after work. Quick walk up and down Kinder Scout and then cycle home. Might have to finish work a tad early though :-).

    And cheers Dean. Appreciate the encouragement.