Friday, 12 April 2013

Turbo trainers: Instruments of torture!

They really are horrid things. Forget waterboarding. After 45-60 minutes of mind-numbing, lactic acid building, sweat inducing (of apocalyptic proportions), heart-rate killing torture I'd admit to all sorts of crimes I haven't even considered, let alone commit! On the plus side, it's a great fat burning exercise.

I ALWAYS prefer to ride on the road (or trails) rather than on a turbo despite rain and wind but sometimes the freezing cold, ice or recent experience of high levels of muppetry displayed by car drivers persuades me to use this hateful device. I do also use it as a warm up for when I'm doing my weights circuit but I tend not to try and kill myself when doing that. Even then, a 30 minute session creates a health and safety hazard as I turn a garage floor in to a lake of sweat ...

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  1. And I nearly bought one of them, glad I have a gym less than a mile away