Friday, 30 April 2010

Carland Cross to Gt Torrington

Just a quicky as the internet connection is a bit poor. I'll update properly as soon as I get the chance.

Great day of cycling today. Hilly (more hilly than yesterday) but the wind at my back and some beautiful scenery and pretty villages. Really, really enjoyed it despite the showers. Rain was sporadic but heavy at times. In fact to the extent that it was a bit hokey cokey. i.e. 'you put your waterproof on, you take your waterproof off, on, off, on, off ...' Blimey. In the end I got fed up and left it on. Some good climbs today. Especially out of Boscastle.

Made very good progress and was just short of Gt Torrington before 3.00pm. However, the puncture fairy struck as I was going downhill at some speed. Tell tale wobble at the back end and it got a bit hairy. Had plenty of time so sat and repaired it rather than just change the tube. Then met up with a guy called Al Pewsey for a couple of pints in Torrington before climbing the hill to the B&B at Furze Farm. Thanks for the donation to the pot Al. Much appreciated. Furze Farm is v. nice. Classy farm house.

I've realised that I got through the whole of Cornwall without having a single Cornish Pasty. Damn.

Some stats:
72.3 miles
Av. speed 13.2 mph
Total ascent: 7092 ft.
Max speed: 42.4 mph (wheeeeeeh!)
Punctures: 1
Beers: 2 so far but I'm off out for tea in a minute!
Rain: plenty but not as bad as yesterday
Fun: lots.

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  1. Thanks for making me smile. I wondered what you had meant by the weather been a bit okey cokey, but then read on. I might steal that little gem, one day.