Friday, 8 January 2010

Cabin fever


This snow is all well and good if you are a training for a cross-country ski-ing event but not when you are trying to get some LEJOG training miles in.  Cycling withdrawal is biting but the risk of coming off on ice is too great for me to get any of the road bikes out.  I gave in yesterday and decided to venture out on the MTB.  Not far at all; just to do a bit of shopping and have a bit of fun on some local tracks.  I’ve never really ridden in snow since I was a kid (the risk perception and fear genes only kick in in later life don’t they) but after a tentative start and a few hairy moments I was having a blast.  If I wasn’t so busy today I’d be making my way to a quiet Clumber Park and wearing a fixed grin on my icy mug.

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