Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A (shortish) ride at last

Managed to fit in 27 miles over the rolling hills around the borders of South Yorks/Derbyshire and North Notts yesterday afternoon. Not that far but very enjoyable and enough to make me sweat plenty!

Was impressed by the drivers of the Wilkinsons lorries who waited patiently behind me while there was lots of oncoming traffic before passing really wide. Wish everyone was that considerate.

Will get another 41 miles in today with my commute. Looks foggy out there. Best be careful.


  1. Hey flower, next time your kinda Sheffield North Derbyshire. You must call in as I'm at Totley, it's near Dronfield. You can have a go on my recumbent, if you wait. Or it'll have to be the one West Country Recumbents have lent me.

    I will email you my moby number, and no worries, just if your passing through.