Monday, 18 January 2010

Goodbye snow. Hello roadbikes

At last!  All that remains are the rotting corpses of snowmen in people’s gardens and the odd patch of compressed snow and ice looking to catch us cyclists unawares.

The pressure of a work deadline has meant lots of time in front of a PC (not much fun with my dodgy eye I can tell you) and not enough time on the bike over the last few days.  I did brave a very slippy ride in to Sheffield on the touring bike towards the end of last week but otherwise the mileage was much lower than it should have been.  However, the much improved weather and less work pressure this week marks a change in all that.  And I can confidently take one of the skinnier tyred beasts out of the garage.  By the way Caroline – I’ve never even considered naming them :-)


  1. But they're after all, your dearest friends :)

    How's the publicity thing going?

    Hey, I'm cycling in the morning, at Greenhill Park, then I'm doing a bit of cycling promotion work, in the afternoon. And getting paid for it!!! (i'm not too excited)

    My last tricycle was called Gretal.
    C x

  2. Hey Rob, :( the weather forcast for Wednesday/Thursday, is heavy f* snow.

    Do you need a dog sitter, when you do your bike ride? :)