Wednesday, 20 January 2010

That didn’t go well!

Oh dear. Most of yesterday was spent in Bassetlaw and Rotherham A&E depts dealing with the consequences of a catastrophic failure of my front forks.

I don’t recall a great deal about it but was cycling uphill from Harthilll towards the T-junction at Killamarsh. Then it was a case of introductions: Tarmac meet face, face meet tarmac! Haven’t had a chance to inspect the bike yet but I think the fork steerer snapped where it joins the fork crown.

Anyway, end result was concussion, lots of stitches (inside and out), a top lip sewn back together (nearly had a hare lip there), damaged front teeth and the usual cuts, grazes, aches and pains. Could have been worse though. If it had happened a minute later I would have been going downhill at about 30mph. I don’t want to think about that.

I’m not going to get into the helmet debate but I did happen to be wearing one (sometimes I do sometimes I don’t). It’s now broken. Did it help? Who knows? Possibly is the most likely answer.

So, another enforced break from cycling. Hopefully short. Hopefully I’ll have confidence when I get back in the saddle.

Thanks to the people who came out of the factory to move me to the side of the road and sort out some first aid. They almost certainly won’t read this but I’ll take ‘em a pressie when I go and pick up my bike.


  1. Sorry to hear about your accident Rob. Hoping for a swift recovery. Simon

  2. Ey poor you!!! Wrap yersen up, feel v sorry for yourself, and be looked after. Atleast until your stitches come out.

    I'm sure you'll soon be riding though, it's your way of life, I bet your life seems quite empty at the mpment with your enforced rest.

    I didn't dare look at Jezz for a few days and even when I did, I made Steve Marsden, hold my hand :D, but hey, I'm a wuss, and you are not.
    Just be thankful, that it didn't happen a few seconds earlier. And you were indeed wearing a helmet. It could have been your head that was broken. (or is that a bit obvious, :) )

    Caroline x

  3. Looks and sounds very painful !
    Am glad to hear you are otherwise ok though...
    Take Care.