Monday, 29 March 2010

One month to go ...

And 3 more weeks with (I hope) mileages in the 200+ region before I take it easy in the week before I set off.

The return of poor weather is a bit of a setback but it'll just have to be a case of 'get out there and get on with it!' Managed to squeeze in 15 miles (on the fixed gear bike) today in the pouring rain and enjoyed every minute of it. Its only water! I've got 3 long rides planned this week each of over 70 miles and then its Easter weekend with a couple more days off at the beginning of next week. Every opportunity to get out and get the miles in. Yay!

Other preparation is ongoing. Have started booking B&B's and purchased some new cycling shorts, jerseys and mitts. Question I'm now asking myself is "Which bike?" My Vernon Barker Audax bike or Specialised Tricross Sport? For a brief insane moment today I considered doing it on the fixed gear bike and then I came to my senses!

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