Monday, 1 March 2010

Not quite so many miles last week

Probably half of what I should have done out on the road but yesterday's 30 mile ride was very hilly and I did fit in 3 really tough spinning sessions during the week. They do seem to be helping my cardiovascular fitness no end and this was evident on some of the climbs yesterday where I was able to maintain a higher gear than usual. Losing a few pounds helps with the hills as well and although I have lost some weight I'm still a lard-arse at nearly 13.5 stones. I really need to try and shed some more of the excess in the next couple of months.

Managed to break a rear spoke twice this week! Thats 3 in a couple of months with that wheel now! Most annoying and it was clearly badly built, probably by some ham-fisted, spotty bike shop yoof who'd been given it to practice on. Time to rebuild it properly myself with new spokes. I enjoy wheel building. Very satisfying and, so far, all those that I've built have stayed true and strong.


  1. How clever you are though Rob, have you done a bike maininance course, in preperation, for any calamities on your journey?

    Caroline x

  2. Remind me what BP stands for again ...

  3. Ahhhh Beautiful Person, of course!! x

    Nah Blue Peter actually.