Friday, 19 March 2010

Off-road exploring

I usually like to stick to the roads. Not literally of course, although recent close encounters with the tarmac may suggest otherwise! As a result my mountain bike, lovely as it is, spends much of its time sulking in the garage. Giving me the evils as I wheel a more skinny wheeled, dropped handlebarred beast past it. Snubbed like a bacon sandwich in an Israeli cafe! However, as everyone knows, bacon sarnies are irresistable and petty idealogies such as Judaism or Vegetarianism are unlikely to thwart the primal urge to get stuck in to one every now and then. Such is the case with trails, bridleways, canal paths and my oft ignored Kona.

This afternoon was one of those times. My cold now just about overpowered I sought to take advantage of the much improved weather and get a few miles in. 'Where to?' I thought? 'Don't fancy Friday afternoon traffic and haven't got lots of time to spare.' Quick look over the map and I thought 'Why have I never ridden on those bridleways or that trail?' So, decision made. Mostly off road towards Cresswell and then Robin Hood Way through Welbeck and parts of Clumber Park that I've never got round to exploring. Almost all new to me and 25 miles of fun.


  1. Wow, impressive bike trail, it looks lovely. Next time you are at a loss as to where to cycle, come to Totley? Ifyoud have come this afternoon, Mr Snap Happy Dave Bocking was round. I wrote a wee note out and posted it into Rony Robinsons, but he aint been in touch wi me? And Dave has passed on your details to the neccersaRY LOCAL PRESS. But he reckons all will wait till nearer the time, you go.C x

  2. I'm not much for trails either but that looks great. My mountain bike is pretty much a commuter donkey these days.