Sunday, 7 March 2010

Training going well

155 miles this week including 80 miles in one day (yesterday) which went well. A bit tired afterwards but happy that I could have got on the bike and done another decent ride today. Kids football took over my Sunday as usual though so having a rest day.

The 80 miler was a fairly flat route with no serious hills to speak of but the weather on the way out was pretty terrible. Freezing rain and a slight headwind. My fingers and toes were numb and I've made a mental note to take a spare pair of gloves with me on the big ride. Once gloves are wet you just can't keep your hands warm! Had a couple of fairly well filled panniers too so happy that I can do bigger mileages with considerably more weight than I'll be carrying on the end-to-end.

Fell foul of the p******re fairy on the way back yesterday. First ones for ages!


  1. Wow!! Poor you braving it on your own, good on ya though. I admire your guts.

    I'm sorry I 4got to mention you to Ronys team. But I have sent him an email telling him about you. You could do the same, all you need do is contact Rony Robinsons forum shows. Hey you can listen to my interview whilst your there.

    C x

  2. I hate to be dim :) but I don't know what p*****re is? durrrrrr!! soz x

  3. Puncture! And now I've said it in full I bet I get plenty tomorrow :-(

  4. :D I thought the text had been deleted, by the computer. So I've spent ages thinking up words like pissure (that arent real)