Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The bike

It'll be this one:

2010 Specialized Tricross Sport complete with Tubus Logo rear rack, SKS mudguards, Shimano M520 pedals and a Brook B17 saddle - the only thing I'd perch my arse on.

I've ridden it for a few days and its really very comfortable. This is the first Aluminium frame/carbon fork touring style bike I've ridden and I expected it to be a bit harsh compared to (the traditionally compliant) steel framed bikes I'm used to but its most definitely not. It has quite a short reach/upright position so there is less pain in my neck and shoulders for those long days in the saddle. Not particularly fast but I think its probably safe to blame the engine there! In any event, comfort is more important than speed for my End to End ride.

As for the rest of my kit ... well more on that soon.


  1. Wow, Rob, it's seriously cool, I know nob all about bikes though, but isn't aluminium better anyway?

    I've not clocked you for a couple of days, (I'm not sure why) But it's perfect weather for you. Hey, if you're popping through Sheff call in and borrow Ziggy for a couple of hours, if you want to.

  2. Aluminum is certainly lighter but its usually a harsher ride. This isn't though. I'm trying to cycle out into the peaks a bit so if I'm passing Totley way I'll call and say hello.

  3. Hey, yeah flower, it would be great to meet you, and talk about anoraky type things. And give you a shot on my baby.
    C x