Thursday, 1 April 2010

Weather: bad. Mileage: good

Despite the foul weather I've got 3 long rides in this week (all over 70 miles and including hilly terrain) and over 250 miles so far this week. Since Monday I've ridden in sun, rain, hail, snow and, worst of all, wind. Is there anything more demoralising on a bike than a vicious headwind for mile on mile? Oh yes, when your face is being pelted with hail stones at the same time. Oh, and freezing cold wet hands and feet at the same time!!!!! I suppose I should be thankful that I've been punct*re free this week. Anyway, I can't guarantee the weather for my end-to-end ride so I've got to be prepared to cycle in whatever the elements throw at me and just get out there and do it.

I hope that whoever required the air ambulance and mountain rescue at Burbage on Tues is OK. It all looked a bit worrying when I cycled past.

Other top tips from my experience thus far this week:
  1. Don't cycle over wet cattle grids with skinny slick tyres and not expect to have a bit of a brown trouser moment.
  2. Shouting every known unrepeatable swear word at the wind won't make it blow any less in your face.
  3. Carry a spare pair of gloves if you know its going to be (very) wet.
  4. Alcohol has a rapid effect when your knackered from lots of cycling.

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  1. Physiologicly speaking, and the effects of booze? think yourself lucky, you don't have periods.

    I have no taboos, do I? :D