Friday, 16 April 2010

A dental update ...

Antibiotics (Metronidazole) seem to be working as the pain is subsiding and I'm regaining some sanity as a result. HOWEVER, they've got some nasty side effects. I've got a constant pounding headache, aching muscles and joints, annoying itching, no appetite, metallic taste in the mouth and, strangely, urine so dark its as if I'm very dehydrated (which I'm not). The lymph nodes on that side of my face and neck are enlarged and painful but thats a result of the infection so they'll ease off soon enough I hope. So, although they're unpleasant and it means I've got no hope of getting on the bike at the moment I'm sticking with them because I can't countenance the idea of THAT pain again. There is what looks like the abscess coming to the surface on the inside of my jaw near the floor of my mouth. Too much information? Anyway, have made another dentist appt for Monday to have it checked out.

Hoping to feel well enough to get a ride sometime next week. Fingers crossed.


  1. Fingers crossed, only 11 days to go. Oooooooooooh are you excited? :)

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