Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Here's what I'm taking for the trip:

Specialized Tricross Sport with Brooks B17 saddle, mudguards and Tubus Logo rack

Carradice Super-C rackbag (just realised that that reads like 'crackbag'). Don't get any ideas.

Garmin Edge 205 (thanks to Ian Loasby for the loan).

Tools etc:
Spare inner tubes (x2), puncture repair kit, tyre levers, pump and CO2 inflator, multitool, penknife, cable ties, old piece of tyre (bead removed) to act as a 'boot' in case of a split in a tyre, spare brake and gear cable, small bottle of bike lube, water bottles x 2, mini cable lock, LED lights.

Cycling clothing:
shorts x 2, jersey x 2, light fleece, cycling socks x 2, arm and leg warmers, waterproof jacket, cycling shoes, mitts, cap and helmet, sunglasses

Evening clothes:
trainers, 1 pair trousers, 1 shirt and a couple of pairs of underwear (I'll only be wearing stuff for a short time each evening anyway so there won't be time for it to get smelly!!)

Other stuff:
Small first aid kit (including ibuprofen and sudocrem!!), a few toiletries, maps and route sheets in plastic wallets (can throw pages away when no longer need them), wallet, compact digital camera, mobile phone, iPod, latex gloves (keep hands clean when repairing punctures etc), laptop.

I won't be carrying all this on the bike as I'll be meeting up at the B&B each evening so stuff like evening clothes, spare set of cycling clothes, toiletries, the laptop and all chargers won't contribute to the weight. Everything else will fit in the rack bag with plenty of room to spare. I'll probably fill that with food/snacks!

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