Thursday, 29 April 2010

Day 1: Lands End to Carland Cross

Left Lands End at about 2.00pm in rain, fog and single figure temperatures fearing that the poor weather would stay with me all afternoon. And it did.

Rainy, rainy, rainy

After having the obligatory photos taken at the post I set off and for the first 4 miles wondered what all the fuss was about regarding Cornwall's hills. The rest of todays 56.6 miles was rarely flat. Up, down, up down, up, down. You get the idea. Nothing too bad though. A few steep pitches but generally short and I can't say I struggled on any of them.

The rain was a constant annoyance but never particularly heavy. Most annoying aspect of it was that it stopped when I got to the B&B.

Some beautiful quiet country lanes and close encounters with a rabbit (running alongside and considering hari kari by virtue of front wheel spokes), a tractor, a fox (ran right across the road in front of me and then took part in a staring contest with me before legging it when I reached for the camera) and a badger (dead).

Some navigational errors added about 5 miles to the planned total. Must try harder tomorrow.

Uppy downy view of today.

Very nice B&B at Carland Cross. Recommended. Trip to a local pub (Clock and Key) for some industrial size plates of scampi and a couple of pints of Skinners Cornish Ale. Food 8/10. Beer 6/10

Miles: 56.6
Hills: Plenty
Rain: Lots

I'll add some pics ASAP.

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  1. How fantastic are you? And well done!!!Because I don't know you at all, I did actually have some doulbts as to whether you'd actually do it. You know, like when your face met the tarmac, and when Ade dropped out. But massive credit to you, and your family for sticking to it.